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Princess 32

Thats the bottom painted and the outdrives serviced ready to go back in the water.

Still have to replace the head gasket on one of the engines, waiting for parts.

Cylinder head gasket replaced, found a long crack in the exhaust manifold, this has been welded and the engine put back togeather all ready for a trip up the Thames.

BMW D7 cylinder head replacement.

The original head had corroded through the water gallery, so removed head and refitted with second hand replacement, but with new gaskets and seals. Had to fit a new fuel tank as it had been removed some time in the past.


Both engines out and in the workshop, now waiting for delivery of the two short engines to arrive from the States. Work will then start moving all the pumps and electrics from the old to the new.

Both new engines are back in the craft, just waiting for some new bellows before re-installing the stern drive units

Sunseeker engine change

Currently working on a Sunseeker, Port engine unserviceable and needs to be removed, spoke at length with the owner, who has agreed to replace both engines, with new half engines from the States, will remove all the auxiliary equipment from the old engines to the new one and then refit.

Work started yesterday withe the out drives being removed, found no exhaust bellows were fitted to either drive unit and propellers need to be replaced and suffering bad corrosion and today removed exhaust manifolds and sea water inlet to the engines. 

Perkins rebuild

This engines had been installed in a boat in 1988 and required a total rebuild, new pistons and rings have been fitted along with new bearing shells. The cylinder head had to be welded and then machined. New valves were also fitted and reground.
The engine is currently nearing completion and will be ready to go back in the boat soon.
Engine start up. 
This was done, however a few problems showed themselves, the alternator was not changing, this will be remove and sent for complete rebuild, also one of the electrical relay's was found to have a broken terminal. A new one has been fitted.

Perkins Prima M50 Engine

The engine went back in over the weekend 14/03/2016, took two days to connect up all the services, but now running and ready to move the boat to Shamroock quay in Southampton next weekend.

Whilst I was there, changed six bolt on the chain plates on the stbd side that were leaving rusty marks down the side, as always the last one I changed was the one that was causing the marks down the side. it was the hardest one to get to, so thought it might not have been changed for a while, looking all shipshape and ready to go.

The move happened on Good Friday, weather was changeable with light winds at the start, so good motor down to the Solent, sails up and did well to Portsmouth, heading for the North Channel the winds dropped, got into Southampton water and the wind picked up again, even though against a 2 knot tide still managed 5 SOG, great to get the old girl out. arrived Shamrock Quay at 16:00