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Marine Engineer, Marine Surveyor. 

Mobile Engine Servicing and repair. Boat Maintenance and Pressure washing Services

South Coast and Thames covered, now able to recieve payment by card.

MRW Marine Engineering Services Ltd

Get it right first time

At MRW Marine Engineering Services Ltd, our boat mechanics offer a wide variety of repair and maintenance services. We are available to work on all sizes of boats at marinas along the south coast of England, from Shoreham to Poole.

We are now able to offer Small craft survey work on vessels up to 350 tons.

From painting the outside to a total engine rebuild, we can do it all. Our engine rebuilds include a total strip down and replacing of pistons, rings and all white metal bearings. We also offer cylinder head refurbishment and gearbox overhaul.

We fully service used and second-hand engines, including replacing oil, fuel, air filters and adding new cooling anti-freeze and new cam belts. 

Our licensed and insured professionals also service and repair outboard motors, sort out electrical problems and offer shot blasting and pressure washing.

We are can also check on your battery condition under load. top up and charge.